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This year Emaly and Dave hosted Thanksgiving. Emaly made her first Turkey all by herself! She followed my Delicious Moist Turkey Every Time in Book 2 on page 189. She said “Mom, it was so easy and it turned out perfect”. So moist and delicious.We love all the traditional recipes we cook each year. We bake the same ones because they are soooooo amazing and we never tire of them. For Thanksgiving we do our Turkey Rolls in Book 2 page 251. We do these for the kids. We also do the Crescent for all the rest of us. Our Swiss Green Beans in Book 1 on page 206 are such a favorite. So is our Parmesan-Topped Creamed Corn, Book 1, page 206. We love our Caramelized Sweet Potatoes or Yams in Book 1, page 216. We never tire of eating these sides. Another favorite is our Cheesy Broccoli Rice Bake Book 1, page 208. TDF. We die over our Stuffing…Both the Cornbread and the Traditional in Book 1 on pages 214-215. Try our French Mashed Potatoes in Book 2, page 199 starting with number 8. Lizi can’t get enough of our Pecan Bars in Book 2 page 301! We think these bars are even better than any Pecan Pie!!!! Hope you enjoy looking at some of our pics from Thanksgiving 2018! Xo Liz and Lizi