TDF Weekly- Super Bowl Roundup

Hi Fannies! Thanks for tuning in for this weeks TDF weekly. With the Super Bowl coming up, we have a special treat for you. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can still enjoy the day with some delicious food! Whether you are hosting a party, bringing a dish to a potluck, or enjoying a quiet night at home, we have some amazing ideas for you. Pick a theme, and get cooking!

Chili Theme:

  • Three- Bean Chili with Sausage: First off, chili is always a good idea when feeding a crowd. The flavor of this chili is amazing! This recipe is definitely a crowd pleaser. Serve it with cheese and sour cream.
  • White Chili: This is one of our absolute favorite chilis! It is unique and unexpected. When you top it with the tomato garnish, your guest won’t believe what their taste buds are experiencing.
  • Northern Style Corn Bread: We have several corn bread recipes, but this one is our favorite. It is sweet and cakey. This is the perfect side to any chili.

Soup Theme:

  • Chicken Fajita Soup: We love this soup! You can find this recipe in The Food Nanny Book 1.
  • David’s Bavarian Pretzels: This has quickly become one of our most popular recipes, and we are not surprised. They are so fun to make! This is the perfect thing to make as an appetizer for the big game. And we think it will pair nicely with some yummy soup.

*If you decide to make one of these soups, have avocados, cheese, and chips on the side as toppings.

Mexican Theme:

  • Mini Chicken Tacos: Doesn’t this just sound like the perfect Super Bowl dish? You can find this recipe in The Food Nanny Book 1
  • Melt in Your Mouth Burritos: The name says it all! No one will leave disappointed after eating one of these, even if their team loses!
  • Guacamole: Is there a better snack out there? We love starting any Mexican meal with some fresh guacamole, and then snacking on it later.
  • Easy Mexican Dip: While this recipe may not look like much, it is absolutely addicting! It is ridiculously easy and equally as tasty.
  • Pina Coladas: Lastly, if you are going with a Mexican Theme, you have to end the night with our amazing pina coladas! You will feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

Mini Hamburger Theme:

Next, little sliders are an amazing option for feeding a crowd. Here are a few of our very favorites. All of these can be made on our mini Hamburger buns.

  • Sliders: Traditional, and always an amazing choice.
  • Sloppy Joes: This is such great option if you are feeding a crowd. It can get stressful right at game time. But our Sloppy Joes can easily be made ahead of time and reheated.
  • Ham Sliders: We know there are lots of versions of these out there, but we stand firm that these are the best out there. Both kids and adults can’t get enough.
  • Deviled Eggs: These make the perfect side to hamburgers, or really anything you are making!


Every good party ends with a tasty treat! Here are some we think will be perfect for any super bowl party.

  • Chocolate Malts: When you are tired of baking, this is a perfect option for a sweet treat!
  • Chocolate Sour Cream Sheet Cake with Half and Half Frosting: When you are feeding a big crowd, it can be hard to please everyone. With half vanilla frosting and half chocolate, everyone is happy with this dessert! You can get this recipe in The Food Nanny Book 1.

And thats is for this week! Give some of these recipes a try, and we promise you will not be disappointed! Keep cooking, your family is worth it!


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