TDF Weekly! July 6th-July 12th

Hello Fannies!!! We hope you had a wonderful Independence Day! It is always so wonderful spending time with the people we love and enjoying yummy food.

We have some exciting things for you over here on our TDF Weekly! For those of you who are new here, TDF Weekly stands for To Die For Weekly. It is a post that comes out each week full of our favorite finds and a little update on our lives. We took a little break while finishing up the book but we are back! Okay, lets get started! 

Kitchen Item Finds:

Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, we are always looking for items to make cooking even more enjoyable. Here are some things we are loving this week:

  • All Clad Stainless-Steel French Skillets: These are some of our favorite pans to cook with. After showing the 11 inch on stories this week, so many of you expressed interest. They clean up well and cook beautifully. We love to use it when making chicken. Plus, I have never seen them this cheap!
  • Two gallon Glass jars: This is not a new staple in our kitchen, but it is something we can’t live without! We loving keeping our Kamut and other baking essentials in them on our counter. So convenient! It is also the perfect size for fresh flowers, fresh squeezed lemonade, and even dried goods.
  • Sourdough Canning Jars: We love seeing so many of you making our sourdough bread!!! For your starter, make sure you have a large wide mouthed jar! This will help with overflow. The one we have been using is a 1/2 gallon wide mouth jar and its perfect.
  • Beljar Home: From our favorite measuring cups to furniture, Beljar has it all! It is my sisters new shop and I absolutely love everything they have! We have found the best new items to spruce up our kitchen. They do not have an online shop right now, but hopefully they will!
  • Italian Milk Glasses: A fanny sent me a picture of these cups and I fell in love! My love for Fanny already runs deep so I obviously fell in love with the cows on these cups! I also love the look of the milk glass.
  • Canning Jars: One of our favorite gifts to bring friends and neighbors is a jar of fresh jam. It is so easy to make and feels so special! We love these little jars but have ones in all sorts of sizes!

Beauty and Closet Finds

  • Face Primer: Both my mom and I just started using this and it is amazing! It keeps our makeup in place and helps us look polished all day long. You just apply it to your face before your foundation, and it keeps everything set in place.
  • Anthropologie Flutter Sleeved Tee: It looks like I have a thing for a fun little sleeve! This shirt just might be my new favorite! I have it in ‘black motif’ and I love the spotted detail. I am telling you, this is the perfect tee shirt for summer!

What we have been up to:

  • For the Love of Kamut, our third book, is coming!!! We just got the first book back and its amazing. So much time and energy went into writing this and I could not be any happier with it! Keep your eyes peeled, the first copies will be available in August.
  • Fanny is coming this week! Our excitement is off the charts! We have been busy getting everything ready for her. Can you believe there is a book called “Fannys Dream”? My kids are absolutely loving it. Fanny won’t need to be milked until after baby arrives, so we still have some time to get everything for that. And for those of you worried about Fanny’s safety with the cougar spotting, don’t stress! We are going to keep her safe!
  • Gold Creek Farms: Can you believe there is a famous cheese farm down the street from our house? We visited them last week to pick up some of our favorite cheeses and to get some ideas for taking care of Fanny. If you are local, you have to check them out! Truly the best cheese money can buy! You can find them at 6297 Bench Creek Rd, Kamas, UT 84036.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for tuning in, we will see you again next week! And remember, keep cooking your family is worth it!


The Food Nannies!

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