TDF Weekly: July 13th-July 19th

Hello Fannies! Welcome back to another edition of TDF Weekly! We have some fun things in store for you this week. 

What cooking in our kitchen:

Every two weeks, we release our meal plan for you. This is what we cook at our house too! Here are a few highlights from our kitchen this week:

  • Pina Coladas: Did you know that July 10th was National Pina Colada Day? We didn’t until a Fannie told us so we had to whip some up! Talk about the perfect summer treat to beat the heat!
  • David’s Bavarian Pretzels: In anticipation for my new cookbook coming out next month, I decided to take this recipe offline. I wanted to get you excited for all the new recipes to come! But the people spoke and this is a recipe you can’t live without. And honestly I feel the same way! So we changed our minds and reposted it so you don’t have to wait any longer. These pretzels really are that good!
  • Fruit Salsa with cinnamon strips: Something about this dish just screams summer time! It is so fresh and delicious. This is always a crowd pleaser! So if you haven’t tried it yet, don’t wait any longer.

What we are loving:

  • Our Sink! After showing you guys our sink this week, we have been getting so many questions on it. We love everything about it! The brand is Shaws from the UK. It is the perfect look and size at 36 inches long. The sink is deep and thanks to bar keepers friend, easy to clean! There is no divider, which we really love.
  • Kitchen art: We love to add little pieces of art around our kitchen. With the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, you want to add pieces that make you happy! Cute soap containers, little succulents, small pieces of art, you name it!

What we are up to:

Fannie has arrived!!!!! She is home! It was love at first site for me, so I have been counting down the days till she arrived. We have been working so hard to get everything set up for her. I want my Fannie to have the perfect life! And now that she is here, I am even more obsessed than I thought possible. Here are some things we have purchased:

  • Hand Butter Churn: After making butter with Hannah, I knew I needed one of these! She told me Dazey Churns are the best. You have to go vintage with these.
  • Stainless Steel milk transport cans: We decided to get two of these in the 2.6 gallon size to transport the milk in. Once we are done milking her, we will bring the milk back in this and then put into the jars. These are the perfect size and weight for us to carry.
  • Wide-mouth 1 gallon glass jars: These are the jars we purchased, as well as some fancier ones from Smith and Edwards here in Utah. To cover our needs, we purchased various sizes all with metal lids. We are obsessed with jars! All shapes and sizes make us so happy! We just learned that you need to store your jars in the fridge before bringing in the milk, and then get the milk into them as fast as possible!
  • Large Copper Colander: The colander we got has a wood handle, but it is sold out on Etsy! This one is all copper, and you know how much I love copper!

Thats it for this week!!! Can you believe we actually have a cow???? Keep cooking, your family is worth it!


The Food Nannies!

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