TDF Weekly: August 24th-August 30th

Hello Fannies! Welcome back to another TDF Weekly! With kids going back to school and Fall activities starting, parts of life are actually starting to feel normal around here. What are things looking like where you are? As excited as this makes me, I hope we can all remember what we have learned the last couple months. All the extra family time has been pretty amazing! And getting dinner on the table has never been easier. So here’s to taking what we have learned with us to our new normal, whatever that looks like!

What we have been up to:

  • Kids are back to school! This means back to packing lunches and snacks and all the fun that comes with it. Things looks pretty different this year, but my kids are excited to be back.
  • Montana: Last week, we had the incredible opportunity to visit a Kamut farm in Montana! The name of the town is Turner and the name of the Farmer is Johanna Brown. We have so much love and respect for this amazing farmer. This trip was honestly magical. It truly was an incredible opportunity. Seeing Johannas’ hands describe the growing process was something I will never forget. He and his family are so dedicated to Kamut. They love it as much as we do, which is hard to come by! They have been solely using Kamut for the last nine years! We are all connected through Kamut. I fell even more in love with this unbelievable ancient grain.

This trip reminded us what brought us to Kamut in the first place. We really do feel like God inspired us to find and use this unbelievable grain. Its a pure, ancient product with a connection to God. We all felt it in those fields! It is so much better for you, and upgrades the taste of absolutely everything. I am not being dramatic when I say Kamut has completely changed our life for the better.

This trip reminded us of all this! We haven’t used other flour in years and we never will again. The work these farmers go through to get us this flour is incredible. So so grateful for them and their families!

  • And in other news, in case you missed it my book “For the Love of Kamut” is now available! I was scared out of my mind to publish this, but your love has been felt everyday! The support I feel from our Fannies is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Make sure and snag one at our Warehouse or online!

What we are wearing:

Here are a couple items I have been getting asked about:

If you ever have questions about what we are wearing or anything else make sure and ask! We love sharing our favorite finds.

After School Snacks:

Looking for what to feed the starving kiddos after school? Here are some ideas for you! If your house is anything like mine, your kids are starving the second they walk in the door. But if they eat too much, they won’t eat dinner. So I like to provide something delicious, yet on the smaller side.

Whats Cooking in Our Kitchen:

  • West Virginia Hot Dogs: Want to hang on to the last bit of summer? Make these for your family! So fun and delicious.

Thats it for today! Have an amazing week Fannies!


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