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Shrimp Succcess

I like to make foods that take me back to places that I've lived or traveled to. They bring to mind such fond memories and I get to relive those moments. The same amazing feelings I had when I first tasted them are re-created in my kitchen at home. It can be a dreary, snowy day outside but I am seeing, smelling and tasting something very different inside my kitchen! This is what my mom means when she says Winter is happening outside, but something very cozy and wonderful is happening on the inside. She is so right! Not that a snowstorm isn't beautiful or amazing--it is...! But in the kitchen you can create a different mood and atmosphere then what is happening on the outside! It's so fun and so rewarding to be able to create whatever your heart desires in your own home through cooking. Nothing gives me greater joy than serving up delicious food for my family and myself!...because I deserve it too...for my health and happiness. Like my mom doesn't have to be gourmet food and it usually isn't...just easy & delicious food! We recently vacationed in Hawaii (on the island of Oahu). We always travel to the North Shore to eat our fill of fresh shrimp. There are hundreds of shrimp trucks all along the North Shore. We ate at a lot of them! When we came home my kids talked about how much they were missing the shrimp we ate in Hawaii! Even my son, who is very picky (I think I've mentioned he has some severe learning disabilities) couldn't stop eating the shrimp. Because of my son's disabilities he is unable to verbalize a lot of his thoughts and feelings and desires. But I knew that he was loving the shrimp because he ate more than we did! I always celebrate a food that he loves. This is one of the ways I show my love for him. Paying attention to those foods that he gobbles down and making them over and over again for him. If you have or haven't been to Oahu's North Shore- here's a Recipe you're going to love. This is the latest "shrimp truck" recipe that we made!! Linguine with Lemon Shrimp, The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner, Again p. 79. XO, Katie FullSizeRender