Pizza Night!!!

Friday night has always been a family favorite around here. We live for pizza night! It can seem intimidating to make your own pizza, but I am here to help. It is such a cheap and easy dinner to feed your family. And you can make adjustments to please even the pickiest eater!

Pizza Items you need:

Okay lets get started! Here’s a list of our pizza must haves.

  • Pizza Peel! You are going to want to have a couple of these! That way you can allow the pizza to cool on one while putting your next pizza in the oven. Here is a wood one we like, as well as an epicurean one. The epicurean variation is pretreated so it will last you forever!
  • Pizza Stone: Cooking your pizza on a pizza stone will give you the perfect crust! We have a few different ones that we love. For the best quality, go with this square one from Williams Sonoma. Next, we love the value of this Emily Henry stone. You can also buy a Baking Steel that’s pretty incredible. You can use this in the oven or even on the grill!
  • Food Nanny Dough Scraper: We just got these in! I am so obsessed! I use this 50 times a day and I’m not even exaggerating. They are in our warehouse now and will be available online in the next couple weeks.
  • Food Nanny Dough Hook: We fell in love with the Danish dough hook and can’t get enough! It is a game changer. We were using ones from Amazon originally, but they kept breaking! So we have some coming in the next few weeks that will never break. You won’t believe the quality! They making mixing so much easier.
  • French Rolling Pin: Next, you need a good rolling pin, and we can’t get enough of the French ones! I just love that there aren’t little spaces and crevices for dough to get stuck in.
  • Pizza Cutter: You can’t have pizza night without a pizza cutter!

Game Changer Products

These may not be items you NEED for pizza night but they are definitely things you will want! Every item here will upgrade your Pizza night and make you happy every time you use them.

  • Breville Pizza Oven: Yes, this is definitely a splurge! But I am in love with it. I make pizza every week and it’s my families absolute favorite! I wanted an indoor one that I can use all year long, and this was the perfect option. It is expensive, but it does go one sale from time to time! You just can’t beat wood fire pizza in 2 minutes!
  • Red Star active dry yeast: I get asked all the time what yeast I like and this is it! Yeast can be hard to find right now, but buy this when you find it. I usually find mine at Costco but you can always find it at most grocery stores and even Amazon.
  • Anthropologie Mixing Bowl: I have had this bowl for years and I still use it everyday! Its the perfect size for mixing dough and it makes me so happy!
  • OXO Liquid Measuring Cups: I can’t say enough how much I love these cups! Easy to clean, easy to store, and the perfect size.
  • San Marzano Tomatoes: When it comes to making pizza sauce, you need these tomatoes! The taste is unmatched!
  • Flour Jars: This is a kitchen item I can’t live without! I think you know by this point I say that a lot but I really do mean it. This is my favorite way to store flour, sugar, and other baking essentials. It looks cute on the counter and is so convenient! You can find these glass jars all over and they are so affordable!
  • Wood Serving Board: If you ever come to my kitchen, you will see this amazing board on display! But it’s not just for looks, I use it all the time! On pizza night, I love serving pizzas on it. It also makes the perfect tray for a cheese board!

Tips and Tricks:

When it comes to making pizza, we have a few tips to help you succeed! Just wait for all the compliments you are about to get!

  • You will want to turn your oven up as high as it can go! Don’t be afraid, the hotter the better!
  • When using a baking stone, plan on your pizza taking 6-8 minutes.
  • Keep your pizza stone on the bottom rack.
  • You can freeze dough in a couple different ways. One, prepare your dough and roll each individual pizza into a ball. You can freeze just like this! Or the second option is to roll out your pizzas, and bake on each side for 30 seconds. Then you can freeze in freezer bags.
  • I love having pizza parties but it can be a lot of work! Once I figured out this trick my life became so much easier. Before the party starts, bake off each pizza for 30 seconds on each side. Put parchment between each pizza, and leave out hours before your party even starts. Then at the party, you just have to top the pizzas and cook! You won’t be stuck in the kitchen all night!

Pizza Recipes:

Here are a few of our favorite pizza recipes for your next Pizza Night!

Now you should have everything you need for your next pizza night! Keep cooking, your family is worth it!

Love you Fannies!!!


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