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Jalapeno Cranberry Freezer Jam Spread

Jalapeno Cranberry Freezer Jam Spread

Serve with: Use on Turkey Sandwiches page 275 or Veggie Sandwiches page 283. Variation: Omit jalapeno; or, use more Jalapeno for more kick.

3 cups (about 1½ lbs.) fresh cranberries rinsed, ground

    3 cups apples (about 5 medium) any kind, cored, skins removed, ground

      2½ -3 Jalapeno peppers, seeds removed, ground

        1 1.75 oz. package Fruit Pectin (I use Sure Jell or MC)

          8½ cups sugar

            9-12 half pint containers, glass or plastic with lids

              Grind the fruit and peppers in a food processor to make 6 cups. Pour

              1. into a large pan, add the pectin, stir and bring to a boil.

              Add sugar, stirring well and bring to a full boil again. Pour the hot sauce

              1. in jars or plastic tubs. I have used both. Put the lids on and let sit out on
              2. the counter over night. Freeze. Will keep for months.