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Hi, I'm Katie!

My mother taught me as a small girl that meals were an important part of a happy family life. Now that I am an adult, I see how right she was. Meals can be whatever you want them to be, it's your choice! She taught me that home is where the heart is, but hearts are warmer when there's amazing food!

I have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to move around the world! No matter where we have lived, I have always had my Mom's cook books and her life lessons with me. It some how made being far away from family a little easier. Now that we have moved back to Utah from Bangkok, Thailand, I am loving being near my family once again. My mom and my sisters are my best friends. We love getting together to cook and eat. This is what I missed most about living so far from them.

I find comfort and gratification in cooking for my own small group of family and friends. I love spending my time in the kitchen and its even better when I have the great company of my mom and sisters cooking with me!

My mom taught me how to make a 2 week meal plan and I did it! I was a young mom, and living far away from home with a traveling husband, I was on my own!! Even though we have been apart we still find ourselves buying the same clothes!!! Today we found ourselves out and about and wearing the same shoes and hand bags!!! I love my mom she is my mentor and inspiration. The things I have learned from her are life long lessons. She is the person that made me, me. I love my mom (and her bags and shoes!)

Xo Katie