Frozen Cookies

frozencookies1frozencookies2This is a tip we have been doing for YEARS!!! We are the ultimate cookie lovers!!! There better be some in the house at all times! We have lots of reasons for freezing cookies! One…..if they’re left out and in site, we are going to eat too many! Placing them in the freezer helps us eat less at a time:). Two…..have you ever tried a frozen cookie? They’re amazing! Sometimes we prefer them frozen!! Three….they’re perfect for last minute friends stopping by. Take a few out and place them on a fun platter….within minutes they are room temp and so fresh and delicious!! Four……you always have homemade cookies when the hubby and kids are crying for a treat. Who doesn’t love a homemade cookie?? (and its your little secret you made them a week ago:))!

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