Fourth of July Celebration!

We love 4th of July around here! It is such a fun holiday celebrating our country that we love. Before any fireworks start, we enjoy gathering together for a delicious meal! Here are a few ideas for how to make this Independence Day special around your house.


We like to keep things nice and simple, but adding a little festive decor can be so fun! It may seem silly to put flags up right now when the holiday is just around the corner, but leave them up! Flags can stay up for the rest of the summer. Here in Utah, we celebrate the 24th of July (or Pioneer Day) as well, so the party doesn’t have to stop!

  • Outdoor flags: Our favorite way to add a little patriotic flare on the 4th of July is with a couple flags. For a simple flag to hang from your home, this is a great option! We are loving the adorable pleated fan flags on homes right now! They just make us happy!
  • Centerpieces: You know us, we like to keep our table centered around the food! But we think it would be so fun to add flags like these to a simple floral arrangement at the center of your table.
  • Papergoods: We don’t always do this, but an easy way to liven up your table is to add festive plates, straws, cups, or napkins. Its an easy and inexpensive way to bring some red, white, and blue to your table. These adorable plates and straws would be so fun!

Dinner Ideas:

  • Starbucks Pink Drink Copy Cat! Our friend just showed us this drink and its so refreshing! Just add each of the ingredients to taste and you will not be disappointed. Pink cranberry juice, coconut milk, and fresh strawberries. For a squirt of caffeine, you can also add Mio Energy in strawberry pineapple smash. Delicious!
  • If you caught our live last week, you know we are going to be serving our Table Top Grill Bruschetta as an appetizer! It is so delicious and fun to make for crowd! The fresh baked garlic takes it to the next level!
  • Next, our main course is going to be our Grilled Jalapeño Burgers. Don’t be scared by the name! Once you sauté the jalapeños, they lose their heat! But if they aren’t for you, just leave them out for a delicious hamburger. Make sure and serve them with our Homemade Buns! Holy cow these are amazing!
  • For sides, we decided to serve our Baked Beans with Bacon and Pineapple ( Book 2 page 226) and our Macaroni Salad (Book 2 page 222). Both are incredible, especially along side anything from the grill!


  • First off, we will be making our Any Berry Pie for dessert at our house. You can find this in Book 2, page 313. We also really love our All-American Apple Pie!
  • Another fun dessert idea is our Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches! Make them with Lizi’s Kamut chocolate chip cookies if you really want to knock it out of the park!
  • Finally, you can’t go wrong with our Crazy-Good Fruit Tart! You can use all red and blue berries to make it extra festive! But we just made it with just peaches, and wow that was unbelievable! It really is crazy good.

What we are loving right now

Some of these things we think will be perfect for your Independence Day Celebrations. But the rest are just items we are loving right now and can’t let another week go by without letting you know about them!

  • Cake Stand: If you don’t have a cute, simple cake stand, you need one to serve your dessert on this weekend!
  • Tart Pan: There’s something so special about a homemade fruit tart in the summer! The fresh fruit combined with the yummy crust is unbeatable. But in order to make one yourself, you need a tart pan! We use an 11 inch pan similar to this, but this 10 inch one can get to you by this weekend and is a great price.
  • Madewell Smock-Waist Tiered Midi Skirt in Calico Floral: Isn’t this skirt beautiful? I am in love with the color and print!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! Keep cooking, your family is worth it!


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