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2. Don’t eat red meat back to back.

3. Eat Meatless or Fish at least 1 to 2 times a week.

4. Make a 2 week meal plan.

5. Make a grocery list at the same time you create your menu, and then go shopping.

6. Plan 2 Vegetables with most meals.

7. Make a planned dessert one night a week.

PORTION CONTROL is the #1 most important rule when it comes to eating. I learned this as a child.  Teach kids and adults to take smaller amounts on their plates.  Eating until we are comfortable and satisfied and not full or stuffed is eating with Portion Control.  If you could get this practice down you will never have a weight problem, EVER.  You will avoid going up and down in weight.  Diets don’t work long term.  Eating with portion control does.  I have been doing it my entire life and have taught portion control to my family from the beginning.  When you eat out, share your food or eat half of it and take the other half home.  Realize also that when you do eat out you are consuming most likely 30-50% more calories on the exact same dish you would cook at home. Why? Because you have control over the butter, cream and cheese. XOXOXOX THE FOOD NANNY

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