Fan Friday pasta


I love this picture! A cute wife in the kitchen cooking for her family!!! Real so REAL!!! Stacey writes… This is the red and white pasta (I use penne instead). This is one of my family’s FAVORITES!!! I have been making this meal once a week since I got the FOOD NANNY COOKBOOK 3 YEARS AGO!!!! It’s one of the few recipes I have memorized….it is always the meal I bring to neighbors and friends after babies, funerals ect.  Thanks FOOD NANNY!!!”

Thank you for your love!!!!!  I hope that these Fan Fridays will motivate and inspire others to get in the kitchen and start COOKING!!!!  I totally believe that cooking makes a home! You are a doll!! Thank you for your cute picture!

To enter your fan picture! Email us at the FOODNANNY@OUTLOOK.COM   Make sure to follow us on facebook and instagram! Happy Friday!!! We will be doing our $50 giveaway at the end of the month!!!

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