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After School Snacks

ZK8A2406 ZK8A2411 ZK8A2421 When our kids come home from school they are wanting a snack as soon as they walk through the door. You want to feed them something, but still keep them hungry for dinner! These are some of the foods we have found that work for our families. Of course small portions are always key too! A platter of Veggies, your kids might not normally want that as they their first choice in a snack, but if you leave them out on the counter you will be surprised how they keep coming back for more. A plate of fruit... with cubes of cheese and crackers! Switch it up sometimes give them a cup of hot chocolate or some home made cookies out of the oven! Keep it balanced! For more after school snack tips, refer to The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner Page # 272 XOXO The Food Nanny