2 Week Meal Plan, Oct 12 – Oct 25

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There are so many great recipes for us to make together in the next two weeks.

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Monday – October 12th

Bangkok Stir Fry

Book 2 | pg  25


Tuesday – October 13th

Lasagna Soup

Book 2 | pg 47


Wednesday – October 14th

Aimee’s Griddle Crepes

(for the love of kamut) Page 97


Thursday – October 15th

BBQ Chicken Salad

Book 2 | pg 177


Friday – October 16th

Little Italy Pizza

Book 2 | pg 147


Saturday – October 17th

Grilled Salmon 

Book 1 | pg 159 

Rice Pilaf

Book 1 | pg 213

Steamed Broccoli


Sunday – October 18th

Tri Tip Roast with Red Potatoes

Book 1 | pg 173



Monday – October 19th

Food Nanny Chicken Soup 

Book 2 | pg 35

French Baguettes


Tuesday – October 20th

Ravioli or Spaghetti

spaghetti version is under variations With Sage in Butter Sauce

Book 2 | pg 43


Wednesday – October 21st

Easy Skillet Salmon

Book 1 | pg 96

Cheese Topped Oven Mashers

pg 211

Green Beans




Thursday – October 22nd

Texas Style Beef Tacos 

Book 1 | pg 111

Mexican Rice with Fresh Tomatoes

Book 1 | pg 123


Friday – October 23rd

David’s Grandma Pizza

You will need a cookie sheet. Olive oil the bottom of it with about 2 Tablespoons olive oil.  Make the dough and push it out covering the bottom of the pan.  Spread on the sauce and toppings.  Bake at 425 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes until it’s light brown on the bottom.  Cut into squares.

Basic Pizza Dough

Book 1 | pg 135

Easy Pizza Sauce Your Kids Will Make

Book 1 | pg 137

Fresh mozzarella

Fresh parmesan

Kraft parmesan cheese 



Saturday – October 24th

Southwestern Lime Chicken

Book 2 | pg 162

Food Nanny Lime Rice

Book 1 | pg 123

Chopped Romaine Lettuce, Lime Ranch Dressing

Book 1 | pg 112

Warm flour tortillas


Sunday – October 25th

Kamut Buttermilk Pancakes

Book 3 (for the love of Kamut) | pg 115

Scrambled eggs

Bacon or sausage of choice











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