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The Warmth of Winter Time

There is nothing like winter time. Freezing cold outside and hopefully really warm and cozy inside. That is what I love most about winter. The two extreme, very cold and cozy warm. There is nothing better than coming into a warm, comfortable home with delicious food ready to be served. Taking the time to create a meal for someone you love is one of the greatest gifts ever. Being served a meal that someone has taken the time to prepare for you is super special. There has not been anything I have done that has been more rewarding throughout my life than to cook and create meals for the people I love the most. Sitting down to good food, not gourmet food, just good, hot food can make a person's day!

A nice hot meal says so many great things about living a quality of life. We can all make this happen and do this on a daily basis if we just make a meal plan! Have the ingredients that you need handy and create the meals for you and those you love on a consistent basis.

See you at Dinner! XO, Liz The Food Nanny